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Outlook/Lync Business Analyst

Status: Actively Recruiting

Interested candidates can post their updated resume to

Location: Chicago ( Must be available for F2F Interview )


Outlook/Lync Analyst Job Description

The Outlook/Lync Business Analyst will be responsible for support and defining strategies of the IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook/Lync client application conversion. The Outlook/Lync BA will take on a pivot role in the Outlook/Lync team as the expert on Outlook/Lync capabilities.
The BA will participate in the development of strategies and plans for the deployment of new the Outlook/Lync client applications. During the pilot program and roll-out, the BA will play an important role in development of training materials, organizational change, testing, and end user support,. The BA will also serve as one of the key liaiso ns to internal business super users and Outlook/Lync sites to addres s business needs.


• Outlook/Lync subject matter expert, working as part of the Exchange/Lync project team on application and support items

• Provides expertise on Outlook/Lync capabilities and features both for customers, as well as providing guidance for Outlook/Lync Team.

• Works with key business partners to analyze and define governance, strategies, and plans for the deployment of new Outlook/Lync environment applications usage, features, and upgrades. Keeps abreast of enhancements to application functionality that can be achieved through upgrades or add-ons.

• Performs integration testing and ensures interoperability of base Outlook/Lync and add-on and core application products, and Troubleshoots issues.

• Assist in the conversion of IBM Notes to Outlook/Lync-based enterprise technology.

• Anticipate/identify and communicate business needs (solutions, benchmarks, e xamples, best practices, etc)

• Assist with developing and delivering adequate communications and training and education to all partners and global support teams


• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/MIS.

• Minimum of 3 years of Outlook/Lync 2007 experience managing/deploying a Outlook/Lync environment. Must include experience with migration from Lotus Notes/Same time to Outlook/Lync

• Three or more years of Outlook/Lync administration or IT technical support

• Requires superior written and verbal communication skills along with strong planning and organization aptitude. Needs to be a team player.

• Three or more years of Outlook/Lync administration or IT technical support

• Experience implementing Outlook/Lync intranet systems
or customer facing extranets is highly desirable.

• Proven ability to coordinate and assist with end user testing activities

• Demonstrated requirements gathering and documentation experience


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