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Oracle Application Server Administrator

Status: Open

Location: ALBANY, New York

This position is for a Certified Oracle Application Server Administrator. Duties include installing, configuring, upgrading, patching, securing and troubleshooting Oracle application server, Portal, Infrastructure , Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Forms and Reports. In addition, this position involves writing and maintaining procedures, documentation, scripts and cron jobs, performance monitoring and providing systems support for Oracle application server and Oracle database environments. The candidate for this lead Oracle Application Server Administrator position must have advanced knowledge, skills, and troubleshooting abilities in the subject matter. Must be able to work independently, make system critical decisions and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Duties will occasionally require off-hours and weekend support for maintenance and systems support.

Mandatory Skill/Expertise Required Years of Experience:
1. Oracle Application Server 10g and/or 11g Administration, including:
implementing various topologies, installing, upgrading, performance
maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting Oracle Application Servers in an enterprise multi-tiered UNIX environment. (1000+ users/10+sites). 8

2. Certification: Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Certified Professional. N/A

3. Installation and support for Oracle Application Server Middle-Tier
Instances including administration of J2EE Applications, Oracle Reports, and Forms Applications in an enterprise multi-tiered UNIX environment 8

4. Installation and support for Oracle Application Server Infrastructure distributing components (Identity Management and Metadata Repositories) in a multi-tiered UNIX environment. 8

5. Ability to perform backup and recovery operations related to Oracle
databases and application servers. 8

6. Experience supporting enterprise level Database and Web Server
applications in a multi-tiered, UNIX environment, including a strong
knowledge of shell scripting and cron jobs. 8

7. Disclose any other employment that candidate plans to engage in while employed at NYSDOT. N/A

- A good working knowledge and understanding of Networking.
- Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional
- Managing Oracle 10g on Linux Certified Expert


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