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Datawarehouse Analyst (Oracle)

Status: Actively Recruiting

Location: MANHATTAN, New York

The analyst is responsible for identifying and sourcing the operational data required to support management information needs. The analyst will design the required data transformations, aggregations and summarizations. The analyst must be cognizant of the quality of data on which the information is based and understand the required methods and techniques to manage data quality issues. Responsible for retrieving and presenting corporate information for decision support and analysis using business intelligence tools. Some typical skills required are:
o Experience as a information/ warehouse analyst
o Knowledge of warehouse methodologies such as Kimball
o Have working knowledge of the decision support life cycle
o Proficient in at least one business intelligence tools
o Proficient in dimensional and entity/relationship modeling
o Working knowledge of relational and hierarchical databases
o Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills

Additional Skills (Skills that are a plus, but not required)

Data Analysis
Data Migration Tools Knowledge
Data Modelling
Data Integration
Data Warehousing
Database Design


Smart Grid Operations Data to support the Smart Grid Demonstration Project system implementation including but not limited to logging data, decision aid result data, reporting data, notification data, etc.

The Shared Data Store will be established and maintained by CECONY IR and implemented using Oracle with an open published data model and open read access to all Smart Grid Systems.

Interested candidates can post their updated resume to


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