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Symmetrix/Clariion support

Status: Open

Location: COLUMBUS, Ohio

o Strong overall knowledge of the EMC Symmetrix/Clariion support line, capable of conducting in-depth analysis of our most complex application sets (typically spanning multiple frames) to determine where bottlenecks are present, and to help reduce the overall time to resolve these types of problems;
o Capability to make recommendations on storage configurations given a specific performance issue on how to best resolve that problem, either through a re-layout of existing storage or a complete migration to new volumes as required;
o Fundamental understanding of all aspects of Symmetrix/Clariion performance/error thresholds and monitoring we will be rebuilding our primary monitoring platform this year, and one thing we want to make sure we capture is places where we should having monitoring in place that is missing today;
o Architecture knowledge of SPA and the implementation thereof, as our general direction will be to implement a firm-wide solution on it for all primary performance data collection.

Interested candidates can post their updated resume to

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