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Infrastructure Project Manager

Status: Actively Recruiting


Client intends to continue its work in upgrading and extending the capabilities of its end user environment. The following projects are in process for the remainder of 2011: upgrades to Windows 7 and Office 10; expanding the utilization of the WebEx technologies; extending the virtual desktop to tablets and other personally owned devices; and improving, through expansion or replacement of the installed base, the communication and collaboration capabilities utilized by our employees.

Client requires the services of an experienced technical project manager to plan, coordinate, and manage the implementation of four key work streams which make up our End User Computing strategy:
1. Operating system and office suite currency
2. Delivery model implementation (physical & virtual)
3. Mobility and consumerization
4. Communication & collaboration

Specific Skills:
1. Required: Experience/expertise with a communication & collaboration suite (IBM Lotus/Domino, Connections, Quickr; or Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Sharepoint) including presence.

Nice to Have: Recent experience in expanding a Notes shop to take in collaboration and/or someone who has moved a shop from IBM/Lotus Notes to Microsoft, specifically employing Sharepoint 2010.
Experience with Cisco products (IP Telephony, Unified Presence, Unified Communications, WebEx) integrated with a communication & collaboration suite.

2. Windows XP and Office 2003. Anticipating move to Windows 7 and Office 2010 to be disruptive in terms of end user change management.
Required: Coordination/project management of the work stream within the broader context with an emphasis on end user change management.

Nice to Have: Experience with issues involved in such a move or the move from our current state to Vista and Office 2007.
Specific XP to Windows 7 and Office 2003 to Office 2010 experience.

3. Delivery model implementation (physical & virtual)Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop moving from pilot to production. Just under a hundred current users. Targeting 60% of 2,150 installed base.
Nice to have: Exposure to / experience with consumerization issues and policies. Specific Citrix exposure/expertise.

4. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) in production for several years. Good for Enterprise implemented for Smartphones in the last year. Good for Enterprise for Tablet users is next.
Nice to Have: Exposure to / experience with consumerization issues and policies. Experience with Good for Enterprise.

General Requirements:
1. Have ten (10) years of work related experience in the complete life cycle of project/program management.
2. Have demonstrated experience working on and managing a wide variety of complex technical projects, including at least two end user computing related engagements similar to scope of this request.
3. Have experience to assign, guide and monitor the work of client and vendor resources.
4. Have experience leading end user business transformation and/or technology implementation programs.
5. Have excellent verbal and writing skills including the ability to translate technical data into user-friendly terminology and graphics, and developing and presenting complex material effectively to a wide variety of technical and non-technical audiences.
6. Be capable of working with all levels of the organization and can positively influence and motivate others in the adoption and implementation of new technology.
7. Have credibility with both technical and business leadership.
8. Adhere to client's Project Management Methodology (PMM), including development of appropriate artifacts (project charter, status reports, business case, project plan, risk assessment/mitigation planning, issue log, etc.).
9. Identify and define the knowledge and skills required on the team and the appropriate division of team roles and responsibilities.
10. Develop team orientation materials, clarify performance expectations and develops/refines team procedures; reviews these with team members.
11. Manage relationships, communications, and expectations with the project executive, steering committee and other stakeholders.
12. Provide formalized, continuing work direction and leadership to the team. Manages the work distribution, scope, timetables and priorities of the work effort required to complete a project.
13. Track, monitor, and communicate progress against the project plan, requirements, quality measures, procedures and milestones.
14. Guide and coach project team members in the identification, development, and completion of project deliverables. Oversee deliverable quality, consistency, and adherence to standards.
15. Integrate project activities with other department activities.
16. Work to remove barriers (political or other) and help to facilitate the change process associated with the project.
17. Manage key risks to the projects success by identifying, developing and implementing mitigation strategies.
18. Provide performance feedback to project team members assigned to the project.
19. Support the collection of lessons learned and knowledge management/transfer across the organization.
20. Adhere to standardized IT processes, strategic principles, and architectural standards.

Preferred but not required:
Have experience with some/all of the current or planned technologies:
a. Citrix virtual desktop (XenApps/XenDesktop)
b. Cisco products (IP Telephony, Unified Presence, Unified Communications, WebEx)
c. Blackberry Enterprise Solution
d. Good for Enterprise
e. IBM Quickr
f. Atlassian Confluence (Wiki)
g. Lotus Notes/Domino
h. Fatwire (Intranet)

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